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Car Upholstery interior cleaning with steam vapour

Car Steam Cleaning, a brand of Duplex Cleaning Machines Pty Ltd, has been specialising in the supply of "High temperature steam vapour" equipment for the automotive cleaning sector for over 25 years.

Car Steam Cleaning is the exclusive distributor of Tecnovap steam vapour and vacuum technology in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Local distributors are based in every Australian state, including both city and regional areas, allowing for local and efficient backup support and training for all their automotive cleaning equipment.

Car Steam Cleaning's products use significantly less water than traditional cleaning methods, and are proudly recognised as a water saving & chemical-free cleaning solution by Australia's water conversation label "Smart Watermark".

Our product range includes fixed, coin operated car wash equipment, as well as industrial grade mobile car washing and detailing equipment suitable for self-employed people who provide these services to customers. Our car cleaning equipment includes steam generators, steam & vacuum generators, micro fibre cloths, and other tools specific to automotive cleaning needs.

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Car Interior steam cleaning
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