Degreasing Engines

High pressure steam vapour- as produced by our range of steam cleaning machines- is the best way to clean accumulated grease and oil from motors, engine bays and drivetrains. If oil has leaked from gaskets and created a sludge throughout the engine bay, it should be removed.

If you run an automotive detailing business, finishing the job well and restoring cleanliness to the engine bay of any vehicle you work on, gives your work- and professionalism- the edge that sets you apart from the rest.

Here's what a clean engine bay and drivetrain exterior surfaces encourage:

  1. Cooler running- because the oil is not acting as an insulator and trapping heat
  2. The ability to spot oil leaks and gasket faults before they turn into serious problems
  3. A better driving experience- no "burning oil" smell from the engine bay on extended drives


Pressurised steam vapour is safe and very effective in displacing grease and oil from automotive surfaces. Our high pressure steam cleaners enable you to get the job done more effectively and service more customers within a given time frame.

Car enthusiasts and hobbyists who do their own automotive detailing, should consider a pressurised steam cleaning machine such as the Jetvac Junior Package.

If you're a professional mobile car detailer, take a look at the Jetvac Inox package. This unit is designed to be operated as a degreaser, as well as an interior and exterior pressurised steam vapour cleaner.

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