Exterior Car Cleaning with Steam Vapour 


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Exterior Car Cleaning with Steam Vapour

Steam vapour is safe to use on all surfaces and areas in a vehicle's exterior.
Key benefits of steam vapour for exterior cleaning include:

  • High temperature instantly removes dirt and grime build up
  • Steam vapour and microfibre combination allows for an easy 2 step process
  • Vapour gets into all nooks and crevices for a detail clean
  • Instantly blast engine bays of oils and grease
  • Allows ducos and panels to achieve its original shine and luster

Car Exterior Steam Vapour Cleaning

Engine Bay

  • Chemical and steam vapour flush away grease and oils.
  • Safe on electronics and sensors.

Engine bay steam cleaning application

Door panel steam cleaning with steam vapour


  • Steam melts stains, oil or dirt from the panels.
  • Microfibre removes the melted grime in seconds.


  • Using less than a litre of water, the exterior of a lightly soiled car can be cleaned within minutes.
  • No excess water is produced making it ideal for indoor and outdoor car cleaning.

Exterior duco steam cleaning application

Car mirror cleaning with steam cleaning application


  • Detail clean between crevices of rear view mirrors.
  • No chemicals required, preventing glare and reflection from soap suds.


  • Easily break down traditionally hard to remove brake dust from wheels.
  • Use water injection to rinse the wheels to a clean state.

Car alloy wheel steam cleaning application

Car glass cleaning application


  • High temperature steam vapour melts and removes prints, grimes and dirt.
  • No chemicals required, preventing glare and reflection from soap suds.

Head Lights

  • Detail clean between hard to reach crevices.
  • Steam vapour is safe to use on lights.

Car head light steam vapour detailing


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