Interior Cleaning Applications


Interior Car Cleaning with Steam Vapour 

Pressurised steam vapour is a proven means of effectively cleaning car interiors. Use our machines on all interior upholstery and fittings. The perfect all-rounder for effective, professional vehicle interior cleaning is our Jetvac Junior Steam Vacuum Package. It's the unit to use on dashboards, leather and cloth seats, as well as seatbelts and door trims, roof upholstery and the fabric surfaces of rear parcel trays.

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Interior Car Steam Cleaning Video

Steam vapour is safe to use on all surfaces and areas in a vehicle's interior.
Key benefits of steam vapour for interior cleaning include:

  • Low moisture/dry
  • Dries surfaces within minutes
  • Vapour gets into hard to reach areas and crevices e.g. air vents etc
  • Cleans leather and upholstery
  • Removes odours and heavy stains
  • Steam and vacuum deodorises and deep cleans mats and upholstery

Car Interior Steam Vapour Cleaning


  • Using steam on the dashboard effectively removes dust and dirt.
  • Minimal or no chemical use allows for no glare or reflection.

Car dashboard steam vapour cleaning

Car mat cleaning with steam vapour

Car Mats/Carpets

  • The heat from the steam lifts dirt and odours from carpet.
  • Allows carpet to be dry within minutes.

Leather care

  • Use high temperature to lift dirt and oil from seats.
  • Helps leather to return to its original rich luster.

Car interior leather steam cleaning application

Car trim cleaning with steam vapour


  • High temperature blasts away the residue.
  • High temperature steam vapour cleans awkward areas upon contact.

Air Vents

  • Steam vapour gets into hard to reach areas.
  • Steam vapour removes all odours and smells.

Air vent cleaning with steam vapour

Car seat belt cleaning with steam vapour

Seat Belts

  • Stains and oils are removed.
  • Low moisture leaves seat belts dry within minutes.


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