Professional Car Cleaning Portable Equipment Machine

You can get any type of car cleaning tools, for a wide variety of prices. But, ultimately, it is not the price that will deliver the results. In this regard, opting for professional car cleaning equipment is the more educated and smarter choice.

Given that more people are turning to professional car cleaners and detailers to get the job done, having the know-how to keep vehicles in flawless condition is a must. This is where you separate the rookies from pros.


Consider this: The cheaper the tools, the poorer the results

This is the undisputed rule and, although there are exceptions, the chances of finding one are slim. Take interior car cleaning for instance. You could opt for brushes, pieces of cloth or anything in between, or you could go for something like high-end microfiber accessories, in mixture with a powerful steam and vacuum machine. This will save you time and money, as well as give added benefits such as deodorising and removing stubborn stains.

steam vacuum equipment for professional car detailing and vehicle care


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An exterior clean needs to get deep within the surface

Some quality detergents, a hose, a car sponge and several pieces of dry cloth and you should be good to go, right? Wrong. People often fail to realise the importance of dry steam vapor machines in making their cars look like brand new. Dry steam vapour, when used in conjunction with a microfibre cloth, can get deep within the pores of the exterior and leave a duco looking like new like no other method can.

Car Duco Cleaning with Steam Vapour and Microfibre


Professional car cleaning equipment means quality

There are no multiple options here. If you go for quality, then you need to go pro. These investments will pay off big time in the long run because resorting to professional cleaning tools will deliver several benefits:

  • The outcome is superior in quality

  • Less time to get the job done

  • Easier to clean and less OH&S issues

  • 5-star job with lasting results

The bottom line is, inform yourself and make the most educated choice you can. For example, check out our range of commercial car cleaning packages or call us for a chat.


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