Car Wash Equipment Pre-Purchase Considerations

Whether you are just starting out in the automotive industry or you already have a car cleaning business, a common question that is normally raised at some point is whether to invest in fixed self-service or mobile car cleaning equipment.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when deciding whether a fixed or mobile system is right for you.

Does it have vacuum and steam vapour in the one compact unit?

At Car Steam Cleaning, our steam only systems can be do ALL interior and exterior car cleaning jobs. However, it’s smart to also think about what your customers might prefer.

Many customers see a vacuum service as a number one priority when paying to go get their car cleaned. If you don’t offer this service, they may look else where to get what they think they need.

This question is especially important when looking at a fixed, self service system. Customers want the options.

If you are unsure about whether a fixed system may have all the applications you require, going for a mobile system might be wise decision. This gives you time to engage what your customers want and what your businesses requires before making that investment.


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Does it produce DRY steam vapour?

Interior drying time is a huge concern for car cleaning businesses, customers and at home car cleaners. By investing in equipment that can eliminate this issue, this will save you time, money and more than likely get you a lot of word of mouth referrals.

Don’t go for a machine that doesn’t produce DRY steam vapour.

Look for equipment that produces 5% - 6% steam vapour moisture content. Dry steam vapour allows vehicle interiors to dry within minutes after cleaning.

Even if you want a fixed system but it doesn’t produce DRY steam, you are better off opting for a mobile system that produces this car cleaning technology.

Fixed Car Wash System

Am I certain it’s the latest car cleaning technology?

Fixed systems are a large investment. Not only will it be your main source of income but it will be a huge driver for your business reputation.

Today, many car wash operators have fixed systems that stock deoderisers and vacuum only service. Customers on the other hand want choice, quality, the ability to choose between various payment options and are generally going down the chemical-free path.

If you can provide a fixed system that ticks are these boxes, you have yourself a pretty solid investment. An example of such a system can be seen in our steam vapour and vacuum fixed car cleaning units.

For more information on steam vapour and vacuum equipment, including self-service, fixed and mobile systems, visit or call Car Steam Cleaning on 1800 622 770.


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