How to combat hard-to-clean areas in your car

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Here are some quick tips for getting your car cleaning business ready…


Vacuum and steam floors mats

Most car cleaning businesses and car washes have self-service vacuums or provide a vacuum as part of an overall service. However, providing a vacuum and steam vapour process for floor mats will see you not only pick up dirt, but remove stains and odours.

Most people at home can give their car floors a quick vacuum. What allows you to actually combat the hard jobs of stain and odours removal is the use of steam vapour.

Ensure you use a steam vapour cleaning machine that produces steam at around +160 degrees Celcius and ensure it produces a “dry steam vapour” so it leaves carpets dry within minutes not hours or days.

car mat vacuum cleaning



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Deodorise air vents

Another hard job is getting into nooks and crannies and eliminating lingering odours. A car can be spotless and looking like it came out of a show room. But if it starts to smell once you get inside, the “on surface” cleanliness of the vehicle starts to lose its appeal.

Use a steam vapour machine and its lance attachment to get into air vents. High temperature steam kills all bacteria and therefore odours. Air fresheners and chemicals no longer cut it when it comes to hygiene. They merely mask the smell. Remember, no smell is a clean smell.

air vent deodorisation with steam vapour



Get into the pores of the duco

An on-the-surface duco clean is normally a pretty easy job. But getting deep within the pores of the duco is another story. To remove any trapped dirt and grime that gets stuck between these microscopic pores, you need something that can penetrate deep within the surface.

Steam vapour will get deep within the pores and disintegrate and lift out trapped grime

deep clean exterior duco in the car


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