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Detail clean car with vacuum cleaner

Dusting and light vacuuming is a regular interior car cleaning process that is important but doesn’t replace a car interior detailing job. The length of time you spend on an interior car detail depends on how heavy the soiling is on carpets, mats and surfaces.

The equipment as well as the process you use is important for not only the quality of your interior detail clean but also how easy and fast it can be done.

Unlike a surface clean which acts more like a regular clean, an interior detail clean will stop upholstery from becoming warn over a short period of time, deodorises a vehicle and stops dirt from building up within hidden spots.

Here are top 2 car cleaning processes that should be included in your interior car detail clean.


Here are top 2 car cleaning processes that should be included in your interior car detail clean.


A thorough vacuuming

There isn’t a science to a good vacuum. All it takes is the right tools and attachments, steam vapour and the right process. It should take around 15 – 20 minutes, depending on the soiling, to do a thorough vacuum.

Start with the top of car seats and work your way down the upholstery using a steam and vacuum tool attached to a steam vapour unit.

The next step is to take out car mats. Using the steam and vacuum tool, simultaneously steam and vacuum mats to lift out any chunky dirt and deodorise carpets.

Before placing mats back into the car, using the same tool, steam and vacuum the foot wells and interior carpets.

a thorough vacuuming across car mat and upholstery surfaces with car vac cleaner


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Vinyl, rubber and plastic care

Using a steam lance, you can steam clean air vents, stereos, dashboard compartments, door jambs and more. If you’re using a high quality, steam vapour process, it will be safe to use near electronics and other delicate surfaces.

After detail steaming, simply wipe up any leftover residue with a microfiber cloth for a streak free finish.

steam clean plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces in car interiors


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