how to detail clean car interior

As a mobile car detailer or carwash operator, cleaning of the outside of a vehicle is what most businesses focus on. However, more and more individuals are looking for not only an exterior clean but also a thorough interior clean. Upholstery, carpets, dashboards, doors and the center console also require cleaning maintenance to keep a vehicle in top condition.




Here is a rundown of how your business can provide a thorough interior car clean:



Gather different Interior Car Cleaning Equipment:

  • Steam vapour cleaner or a steam vapour/ vacuum cleaner (this should be your main car cleaning machine)
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Tools and accessories that attach to your steam cleaning machine, such as a steam lance, different surface heads e.g. leather steam cleaner, vacuum head etc.

car cleaning equipment


  • Remove floor mats and steam/vacuum
  • Vacuum the mat, floor, upholstery, seats, dash and trunk.
  • Clean from the top to bottom. For example, start with the back of seats and work your way down.
  • Crevice tools are effective to get into tight areas such as between seats and around the gas & brake pedals.
  • Move front seats both ways to clean floors

how to vacuum car seats

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  • Steam vapour clean air vents and dashboard – note; use dry steam vapour from a reputable car cleaning equipment company that advises their equipment is safe to use around electronics.
  • Steam clean trims and door crevices.

Steam vapour cleaning

  • Use a low moisture steam vapour to clean and deodorise leather and upholstery.

detail trims in car interiors

Wipe Off

  • After steam vapour cleaning, use a microfibre cloth to wipe away any residue. However, if you are using a low moisture steam , around 5 per cent moisture content, then there should be very minimal water emitted.
  • You may condition leather seats afterwards if appropriate.
  • To clean the interior of windows and mirrors, use a steam vapour cleaning machine, together with an appropriate squeegee tool or microfibre cloth.

wipe off car interior cleaning excess

To learn more about interior car cleaning equipment or steam vapour, visit our dedicated car cleaning equipment page.


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