how to professionally clean a car in less time

Go for style and efficiency. The main problem with car cleaning is that it takes a lot of time, which many of us don’t have. And time is but one of the problems. You probably already know that the best cleaning job you can get is when you use the right equipment.

So, if you are to go for a grade A job, you need to start using mobile car cleaning equipment. The result will be defined by superior quality, efficiency and, most of all, less time for the same job. But what is this professional equipment and how can you use it to improve the outcome?

Here are some ways to professionally clean a car:


Hint 1: Steam vapor vacuuming

Something like the Jetvac Inox will fit right in. This is great especially for the interior and it comes with new features compared to classic car vacuums. The steam vapour deliver at +165 degrees Celsius of heat and humidity, helping you clean the interior of the car like never before. It is also great machinery to use if you intend to remove stains, because the Jetvac Inox will prepare you for the next step.

Car Interior Detailing with Steam     Jetvac Inox machine


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Hint 2: Thorough outer steam vapour use

Nothing can beat the JetSteam Evo package at cleaning the exterior of the vehicle in record time and with impeccable results. It can be used on a variety of vehicles, pretty much regardless of the duco finish. It is equipped with a water tank and a 1.5- liter boiler, allowing you to use it for the entire day if you have to. The steam vapour will clean the car like nothing you have experienced, because it instantly eliminates mud, grease, grime or anything in between.

Car Duco cleaning with Evo steamerEvo Mobile Detailing machine


Hint 3: Finish with the details

Details are just as important and you must not take them for granted. The best tools that will certainly help you in this regard are the microfiber accessories. Cloths, mitts, sponges, they will all help you eliminate all the remaining residues and moist, leaving everything crystal clean. You can also use them to reach those hardly accessible areas inside, where dirt always finds a way in.

Car Duco steam cleaning with microfibre Car Microfibre Mitt


Give mobile car cleaning equipment a test drive today. You cannot call yourself a pro without the proper tools. Get the high-pressure steam vapour vacuum, add a top- notch Jetsteam and get any car as shinny and as appealing as new.


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