Key ways to provide a car duco treatment

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Exterior duco detailing

Providing a treatment to a car duco and its panels to allow it to achieve it original shine and luster is up there as a number one “must have” for most car detailing businesses. It gives a car the immediate appearance of being in pristine condition and a luxurious feel.

The problem is many ways to achieve this can often be time intensive or the tools can be costly.




Below are key ways to give your car duco the treatment it needs:


Steam vapour and microfibre

Steam vapour technology is very different to traditional “steam”. Steam in the autompotive industry is normally a nickname for a hot water spray. Steam vapour on the other hand is a high temperature “vapour” that gets up to temperatures of +180 degrees.

This gets into the pores of the duco and gently lifts out dirt and grime deep within the surface of the vehicle. When used in conjunction with microfibre, the microfibre lifts any left over residue and smoothes out the surface. To cover an entire medium sized car would take as little as 15 minutes to achieve.

duco cleaning with steam vapour and microfibre


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Steam vapour and clay bar system

Again, just like with using a microfibre, a clay bar system together with steam vapour takes it one step further. When a clay bar is used on its own, it does provide smoothness to the vehicle’s exterior. But as previously mentioned, because steam penetrates the surface, clay barring post steam vapour will allow for the clay bar action to not just cover up hidden particles and dirt, but actually be used on the cleanest surface possible.

duco cleaning with steam vapour and clay bar


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