10 easy ways to keep your car clean using steam vapour

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Steam vapour is a cleaning technology that has been and is currently used in a variety of industries including healthcare cleaning, hospitality, animal care and more. The reason for this technology being used in a wide range of industries is because it can clean all surfaces, its instant drying ability and its bacteria killing qualities. It kills all bacteria because of its high temperature output which can get up to +160 degrees Celsius.

Here are 10 simple ways to keep your car clean using steam vapour:


Engine bay

Steam vapour, together with a microfiber cloth, can easily disintegrate oils and grime whilst being safe to use on sensors and electronics. Remember to start from the hood down.



Going across panels of a vehicle with steam vapour and wiping up any residue with a microfiber cloth is one of the best ways to keep your car looking like new. The reason for this is that steam vapour gets into the pores of duco for a deep clean.



Prints and stains are easily removed with steam vapour. This is done without chemicals, which can sometimes cause glare from left over soap suds.



Steam vapour can detail clean the crevices surrounding the outside of mirrors, as well as preventing glare and reflection from soap suds on the mirror’s surface.



If wheels are heavily soiled, you may wish to go over wheels with a chemical pre-spray. But for light to medium soiled wheels, simply go over the wheel with steam vapour and agitate the wheel with a detailing brush. This will allow any stubborn dirt to fall, whilst the steam vapour disintegrates “caked on” dirt and grime.

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Due to the dry nature of steam vapour, you can go over dashboards, including electronics, without worrying about damage. Once you have dry steamed a dashboard, go over the surface with a microfiber cloth to capture any leftover dirt.


Car Mats

Car mats can receive a deep clean, deodorising and surface clean with steam vapour, combined with a vacuum. Vacuum mats first to get rid of any chunky bits of dirt.


Air vents

Air vents are known for being difficult car areas to clean. Steam vapour, unlike cloths, chemicals and other substances gets into all nooks and crannies, ensuring a full deodorising of air vents.


Seat belts

Rather than washing, scrubbing and waiting hours for seat belts to dry, steam vapour breaks down grime and leaves belts dry within minutes.


Leather care

Last but not least, steam vapourising car leather will keep leather looking like new for years to come. Using a steam and microfiber tool, steam leather surfaces in vertical passes. The steam will melt grime and the cloth will capture the dirt.



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