The best way to clean car air vents

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Air Vent Cleaning

Air vents are one of those nooks and crannies in a car where it can be difficult to clean. Over time they can accumulate dust, grime and be a source of bacteria.

Using water sprays near a dashboard of car is risky as there is threat of damaging the console area where the stereo and other electronics are located.

The following way ensures that your air vents can achieve a simple and effective clean, without the risk of damaging your vehicle and its contents.


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The best way to clean car vents..


Steam vapour blast

Due to steam vapour being a vapour, it can get into the most to reach places. The high temperature component of steam vapour will provide a deep clean to any surface it touches and eliminate dust and grime.

Steam vapour commonly produces as little as 5% moisture content. This means that surfaces that are water sensitive stay dry whilst getting a thorough clean.

Since steam vapour also sanitises its surfaces due to being produced at such a high temperature, it removes odours and bacteria.

Investing a steam vapour machine that comes with a lance to achieve air vent cleaning provides you with this 3 in 1 step of deep cleaning, being safe to use and sanitisation. It will also provide you with a range of other interior and exterior cleaning applications like no other method can.

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