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In our day to day travelling in our cars, we are likely to see accumulated soiling and related odours to upholstered and carpeted surfaces. Do you know that the carpet and upholstery in a car tend to produce most stains and odours?

This is especially true for families with young children relying on an SUV or family car, where young babies or children can accidentally spill food on the interior surfaces, making cleaning difficult.

Using traditional conventional methods such as scrubbing with a chemical agent and/or hard bristle brush to clean interiors and upholstery has been commonly accepted in the past. However, this method also has its drawback, in that odours can be left behind. Moreover, utilising chemical agent is a no-no, as it can be harmful to the more vulnerable young, exposing them to hazardous elements that adults and parents alike should be concerned with.

Fortunately, the steam vapour is today's best choice of cleaning agent because of its eco-friendly and safe to use properties, even for those with asthma or allergies. Steam vapour produces around 5% water content to thermally sanitise and deep clean vacuumed carpets and upholstered surfaces in vehicles, giving off a fresh watery vapour scent that promotes healthy hygiene for a vehicle's' passengers.


Below are some simple steps that you can take to get rid of foul odours and restore the carpet in your car:


1. Vacuum the stains resulting from food spills or natural soiling.

With compact vacuum cleaning equipment that is environment-friendly, you can safely vacuum the affected carpet areas in question. Alternatively, you can use a dry towel and plastic bag to remove chunky pieces or spills from the surface and then pat the affected areas to ensure that they are dry.

Car Carpet Vacuuming with Steam



2. Use a portable steam vapour cleaning machine to thermally deodorise and deep clean the affected areas. 

High-temperature steam vapour under pressure allows for penetration into the pores and fabric of the upholstery, removing even miniscule particles hidden from the human eye. Steam vapour ensures that no stain or soiling is missed, as it uniformly applies high-temperature steam to degrease stains.

Steam Vapour deodorising car interior surfaces


Optionally, steam vacuum equipment can be utilised to carry out both jobs: deep steaming and vacuuming. This ensures that the affected surfaces are fully deep steamed and vacuumed, removing all stains and producing a fresh clean odour. The vacuum feature of the steam machine also ensures quick drying of the cleaned surface within minutes.


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