Three ways to reduce interior drying time in car interior cleaning:

I've heard it time and time again. How do I speed up interior drying time when cleaning car upholstery, leather or carpets? Many car wash sites, detailers and individuals just accept that long interior drying is just a fact of life.


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Well, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't need to be that way. Many individuals when cleaning car interiors go through the unnecessary steps of washing, soaping, drying and deodorising. I even had one guy say he dries his seat belts by stretching them, closing the door on them and proceeding to wait 24 hours for them to air dry.

If you haven't heard of dry steam vapour, then this technology will completely change the way your view interior car cleaning forever. Here are 3 key ways to eliminate car interior drying time using the power of dry steam vapour.


1. Ensure you are using a DRY steam vapour

Not all steam is created equal. In fact, in the automotive sector, the term "steam cleaning" is commonly used as a nickname for a hot water spray. This isn't what steam vapour is.

Steam vapour has very low moisture content making it extremely dry. Make sure you are looking to clean car interiors using steam vapour 5% - 6% moisture content. This will dry leather, upholstery, car mats and more in just minutes. It's also safe to use on delicate areas such as dash boards and stereos because of its dry nature.


2. Use a steam vapour and vacuum combination

Use steam and vacuum combinedAlthough not necessary in eliminating drying downtime, using a vacuum can help speed up the process by sucking up any left over residue or moisture on a vehicle's interior.

Using a vacuum upholstery tool to simultaneously vacuum and steam foot wells, car boots and mats will allow you to steam, vacuum and dry all in the one pass.


3. Use the right tool for the job

Steam vacuum tool

The dirtier the upholstery, the more steam agitation is required, which will give the surface slightly more moist. So if your upholstery is fairly clean, don't go overboard with steam and agitating the surface.

If upholstery is only lightly soiled, simply use a steam vapour tool for a quick clean.

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