Strategies in reducing cleaning times in car dealerships


Below are 3 key ways dealership car cleaning can be done fast, efficiently and cost effective.


1. Eliminates drying downtime

Traditionally, interior drying downtime has been a major pain when it comes to car cleaning. Damp interiors can cause bacteria build up and time wasted in waiting for upholstery, mats and leather to dry.

Choose a car cleaning machine that produces dry steam vapour. Dry steam vapour at 5% moisture content will dry interiors within minutes. It should also produce a high temperature steam, which will deodorise and deep clean interiors in one unit.

Car upholstery dry steaming


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2. Eliminates multiple steps

The most time consuming aspect of car cleaning is the multiple steps. Eliminate vacuuming, washing, dedorising and drying by using a compact steam cleaning unit. As long as it’s a low moisture, high temperature steam system, it will eliminate multiple applications in one simple step.

Detail clean dry steaming car exterior duco

3. Quick solution during muddy, wet winter season

During the winter season, test drives can create muddy exteriors and interiors, which require the car to be cleaned after every drive. Always ensure that a customer is climbing into a newly washed and clean car by quickly using a steam lance and microfibre to quickly detail clean wheels, duco and mirrors. Use a steam and vacuum head to quickly suck up any chunky dirt particles or disintegrate muddy footprints in foot wells.

 Dry steam vacuum clean car seats


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