3 tricks for spring cleaning your car

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Here are some quick tips for spring cleaning your car and getting it ready for the warmer months ahead.


Use a clay bar in conjunction with steam

By using a clay bar in conjunction with a steam lance, simply go over the panels of your vehicle using a simple “steam and wipe motion”.

Going along the panels of your car in long passes, whilst you steam and clay bar simultaneously will give have your car exterior shine like no other regular clean can.

car exterior surface cleaning with clay bar block


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Vinyl, rubber and plastic care

Stereo sections and electronics are areas that are normally left off during a regular clean due to the risk factor of damage. However, because steam vapour is a “dry” process you are able to detail stereos, air vents, compartments and dashboards without the risk.

detail clean and deodorise stereo electronics



Don’t forget about door jambs

Overlooked areas such as door jambs and other hard to reach places are great to detail during a spring clean.

It gives your car that extra love and care and it can be done by a simple injection of hot water to rinse and flush out build up.

Wipe down door jambs with a microfiber cloth to pick up any leftover residue.

cleaning car door jamb with pressurised steam vapour


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