Top three elements of a great car cleaning system

Are you looking for the perfect car cleaning system?

Cleaning your car can be a difficult job. Even car washing professionals know that without the right processes and equipment, the outcome can be a little lack lustre.

Even the most experienced eye can miss some aspects of the cleaning process and end up with a result that leaves space for a lot of improvement.

This is why, in many cases, the need for top-notch car cleaning tools is imperative.

Such a cleaning system relies on 3 main elements:


1. Dry steam vapour vacuums

This is effective for interior cleaning as the dry steam feature is clearly more than welcome when talking about efficiency. In this case, the dry steam-based vacuum is used to deep clean the interior and allow for a more thorough vacuum. In conjunction, it steam cleans, leaving upholstery dry within minutes, not hours. It’s fast drying benefits are due to the 5% moisture content that is produced.

Dry steam vapour vacuuming trims in car    Jetvac Inox machine


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2. Superheated steam vapour machine

It is a must-have tool, for both exterior and interior cleaning. The superheated stream vapour delivers at over 160 degrees Celsius. Depending on the tool you hook up to your steam vapour machine, you can steam clean mirrors, panels, wheels, air vents, door jambs and more.

Superheated dry steaming on car ducoEvo Mobile Detailing machine


3. Microfibre cleaning products

These are excellent for finishing the job, removing any dust or dirt. Microfibre can come in mitts, sponges and cloths, depending on the cleaning application. For example, going across a panel with steam vapour, together with a microfiber cloth, can give an extra shine to the car and eliminates any streaks.

Car Duco steam cleaning with microfibre Car Microfibre Mitt

 A car cleaning system like no other.

If you are looking for efficiency and time saving car cleaning equipment for your business, then this is the type of vehicle cleaning system you need.


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