Top 2 Exterior Car Cleaning Requirements


Here are the top equipment requirements that you should be on the look out for when purchasing car cleaning equipment.


Powerful steam vapour technology

Steam vapour isn’t a new technology. Industries such as accommodation and healthcare have been using these systems for decades. They use this process because it provides a “deep clean”. What is so fitting about this technology when it comes to car cleaning is the vapour quality.

Steam vapour gets deep within the pores of a car’s duco, rather than just simply wiping the top of the surface. Steam at a high temperature also disintegrates grime and dirt within seconds.

However, be cautious. There are products that claim to be steam operated machines, however, they merely produce a water spray.

Car duco dry steam cleaning


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Don’t forget about the engine bay

Cleaning of the duco, mirrors and wheels are all important exterior cleaning application on a vehicle. But don’t forget about the engine bay.

Engine bays are known for being one of the toughest areas of a car to clean due to the build up of oil and grease it accumulates. To provide a fast and effective engine bay clean, you not only need superheated steam vapour equipment, but you need the right car cleaning tools and process.

Look out for car cleaning equipment that comes with a steam lance attachment to powerfully blast engine bays with steam. Remember to start from the top down, as gravity will allow the dirt to fall, making the last step an easy spray and wipe action with steam and a microfibre cloth.

Engine bay detail clean with steam


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