2 tips to giving your car a quick deep clean

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Here are our 2 tips to giving a car a quick deep clean it needs:


Get the duco looking like new

This may seem like a not so simple task, particularly if a car is dirty or there have been wet and muddy conditions. When you use a steam vapour cleaning unit that produces steam vapour at +180 degrees, you can clean the front, side and rear duco in less than 10 minutes – even it’s really dirty.

Using a steam lance, together with a microfibre cloth, you can go across each panel with steam vapour and cloth. The dirt and grime should immediately disintegrate upon contact with the steam vapour.

To see car duco cleaning in action, take a look at our video: www.carsteamcleaning.com.au/videos/exterior-cleaning-videos

duco cleaning with steam vapour and microfibre

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Concentrate on the wheels

No matter how clean a car looks, if the wheels aren’t in the best condition it brings down the rest of the vehicle. Getting car wheels clean doesn’t have to involve scrubbing on your hands and knees or using large amounts of water.

Wheels can look brand new by simply pre-spraying with wheel chemical. Using steam vapour together with a steam lance, steam the nooks and crannies of the car wheel. Whilst steaming, agitate the wheel with a wheel brush to break up any caked on mud inside the wheel.

car wheel cleaning with steam vapour


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