What to look for in a car cleaning kit

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Car detailing kit

With so much variety out there when it comes to car cleaning, it’s difficult to know what accessories are worth your money, what will do the job and what’s not going to fall apart as soon as it’s purchased.

It’s also important to purchase a car cleaning kit that has the best variety of tools and attachments to do multiple jobs.

The number one rule to remember is that the machinery or equipment your tools and attachments are connected to is quality. If the machine you’re using isn’t a quality machine, then the chances are, the cleaning kit won’t be either.



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Here are key elements to look out for when purchasing a car cleaning kit.


The right upholstery tool

Some upholstery tools are made to scrub and agitate the surface, together with steam vapour, to eliminate dirt, grime and odours. Then there are vacuum upholstery tools, which do the same job, however they also suck up large chucks of dirt that may not disintegrate by agitation alone.

vacuum upholstery tool that deep clean car matssteel vac upholstery tool



A mix of clay sponges, mitts and microfibres

There are many standard microfibre mitts that can be purchased, but to get the most out of your car cleaning kit, look for clay sponges, microfibre mitts and microfibre cloths.

They all have a unique application that not only will add shine and lustre to your vehicle, but it will also speed up the process depending on what car cleaning application you are doing.

For example, a clay mitt will allow you to easily clay bar your car, together with steam vapour, to get deep within the pores of the duco in one simple step. A microfibre mitt will allow for flat surfaces, such as mirrors and panels, to be wiped down in a consistent and streak free methodology. A microfibre cloth can be scrunched together to wipe down and remove grime from nooks and crannies such as door jams.

Car duco cleaning with microfibre and mittmicrofibre mitt


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