what to look for car cleaning equipment

Finding the perfect car cleaning equipment can be confusing, particularly when you hear so many different opinions and see different options. You may become convinced by the salesman and make a purchase that isn’t quite right for you. You should consider some factors during the purchasing of car cleaning equipment.


What to consider for when purchasing a car cleaning machine:

The type of equipment you choose can mark the difference between a pristine car and a not so clean car. If you’re buying equipment for your car detailing business, you should have a strong idea about the nature of your client, location and off course your budget.

1. Location of your business:

Selecting the type of car wash will depend on the location of your business. Take into account high traffic areas. Make sure you have enough space to serve the cars and obtain well trained staff to operate cleaning equipment like an automotive car cleaning machine and to provide a proper cleaning service.

2. Budget:

The point of entering into any business is to make money. Hence, investment and ROI (Return on Investment) should be calculated before spending money. Your budget will differ depending on the nature of business. It is natural that a full service car wash system needs more money than a self-service car wash system.

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3. Volume of Customer:

The type of car cleaning equipment you need to acquire will depend on the customer volume of your area. Sometimes it is difficult to predict the volume of customers you will receive. However, if you are already in business, take look at your daily customer rates, and take this into account when looking into whether a type of car cleaning equipment can cope with the demand.

4. Nature of Cleaning Equipment:

When look at car cleaning equipment for sale, selecting cleaning tools will depend on the nature of car cleaning that your operation provides. Take a look at steam vapour, microfibre and steam / vacuum systems. These types of methods are known to provide an efficient clean, yet be gentle on a car’s interior and exterior. There are even automotive car cleaning machines that can provide a self-service for steam vapour and vacuum combination.

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