3 reasons on why using steam vapour and clay barring system in car exterior duco will produce best results:


There are ways to take the average clay barring system to new heights. The following are 3 key ways that a steam and nano clay barring system can bring your paintwork to life and provide a smooth finish like never before.


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1. Steam vapour penetrates deep within the pores

Unlike traditional pre-clay barring lubricants, steam vapour breaks up and melts dirt, and penetrates deep within the pores of the duco to lift out trapped grime. This provides the perfect foundation for the clay bar to go across and get deep within the clear coat.

This ensures no nook or cranny within a car’s exterior is missed by the nano clay bar.

Clay barring cleaning on duco

2. It eliminates various steps

There are various different methods to clay barring. However, most of them take anywhere between 3 to 5 different steps. When you’re time poor, and you’re not only working on an exterior clean, but also an interior vehicle clean, saving time yet not skimping on quality can be a gift.

Skip the various steps of pre spraying, wiping, lubricants and further wiping and opt for a simple 1 step method.

Using a steam lance, simultaneously steam and nano clay bar the exterior of a car in long straight passes. Complete this action across the exterior panels of a car until the job is complete. Done!

Clay barring steam cleaning on car duco

3. A high quality finish

If you going to spend time cleaning your car, then do it right from the get go. When using a steam and nano clay barring system, the superior outcome of the job is obvious. The duco is smooth, shines and has a rich luster finish.

 High Quality Finish using clay barring


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