why you should always purchase professional car cleaning equipment

In order to take care of a car in a professional way, you need to have the right professional car cleaning equipment. A car can be so much more than just a vehicle to people. It can reflect their personality, be their prized possession or a much loved hobby.

When it comes to your car cleaning business, whether you are a car detailer or a car wash provider, knowing the best way to clean is one thing, but using professional car cleaning equipment is another.

Here are some key ways professional car cleaning equipment can save you time, money and provide quality results.


1. The interior:

Knowing how to make the interior look pristine is just as important as doing the same for the exterior. Opt for a machine that can produce steam vapor technology, hot water and detergent injection and regular vacuuming services in one go.

Car Interior Detailing with Steam


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2. The exterior:

A car’s exterior can act like your business card. It can tell other people what type of service you provide and the quality of this service. Using a steam vapour and microfibre process will give you the shine that an exterior of a car needs. You can go one step further by using a clay bar and steam vapour system.

Car Duco Clay Barring Detail


3. Finishing services:

Offer services that look at the finer details to a car’s cleanliness. For example, cleaning air vents using steam vapour or cleaning door jams. These are areas that don’t normally receive a full clean, and sometimes never do, unless someone suggests it.

Car Door Jam Finishing Fixing


It is not that hard to make a car look like brand new. As long as you have your tools ready, the car will be too. Why buy professional equipment? Because it is an once-in-a-lifetime investment that will totally be worth it for your customer and your business.


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