Join Car Steam Cleaning Rapid Surface Disinfection Webinar Series

Director of Car Steam Cleaning, Murray McDonald, has worked closely with hundreds of automotive facilities through his hands-on, practical car steam cleaning workshops.

These workshops provide car wash facilities, car detailers and other automotive industry facilities with best practices to perform steam vapour cleaning to rapidly disinfect and decontaminate bacteria and viruses in vehicles.


Our training sessions are free to attend for facilities and their staff.

To learn more about "steam vapour technology" click on the book banner below.

Car Steam Cleaning guide



Where: Online via Zoom every Friday fortnight


What you will learn:

  • What 'steam vapour' really is and how it works

  • How to rapidly disinfect vehicles using 90 per cent less water

  • How to decontaminate vehicles with only minutes of interior drying time

  • Guide to cleaning exteriors and interiors

  • Save dollars on chemicals

  • Significantly reduce water consumption

  • Significantly reduce chemical costs

  • No drying downtime for car interiors

  • Learn how to do multiple jobs with your single equipment


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