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With Steam Vapour

A step-by-step guide to interior and exterior cleaning.


Features of Automotive Cleaning with Steam Vapour

step by step process

Step-by-step process

Practical steps with real life images, for exterior and interior cleaning applications.

bonus items

Bonus Items

Downloadable tools and resources you can use to implement a total automotive clean with steam vapour, including checklists, graphs and more.

discounted accessories

Discounted Accessories

Receive online discounts on selected automotive cleaning accessories.

About Us

Murray McDonald

About the author

Murray McDonald is Director of Car Steam Cleaning, and has over 25 years experience in the supply of high temperature steam vapour solutions for the automotive cleaning sector. Car Steam Cleaning is an exclusive distributor of Duplex & Tecnovap steam vapour equipment in the Asia-Pacific region, and is a brand of Duplex Cleaning Machines Pty Ltd. Murray has worked closely with hundreds of automotive facilities in providing solutions for eliminating interior drying downtime, overuse of water and chemical and achieving a total car cleaning approach.

Car Mat Cleaning

Automotive Cleaning Pop-up Events

Murray conducts practical, hands on automotive cleaning 'pop up' events across Australia. Register your interest today to attend our next pop up event in your area and see steam vapour technology in action.

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Sample pages from book

Take a sneak peek at chapter extracts from the book.

Exterior Cleaning Tools Checklist

To perform an exterior vehicle clean, you will need the following tools, together with a high temperature steam vapour car cleaning machine. Please note; this is a guide only. The tools and equipment you source and choose to use may vary in application. To enquire about the tools used in this chapter, visit

exterior tools for car cleaning

Panels / Doors/ Duco

Equipment list

  • Steam Lance
  • Microfibre

panels and door cleaning

Air Vents

Equipment list

  • Steam Lance
  • Microfibre

air vents cleaning

Choose a section

  • Part 1

    - Exterior Tools Checklist
  • Part 2

    - Panels/Doors/Duco
  • Part 3

    - Air Vents

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Chapters of the Book

Part I

How to use this book

Part 2

Automotive Cleaning 101

Part 3

How to purchase the right equipment at the right price

Part 4

How to perform an exterior clean

Part 5

How to perform an interior clean

Part 6

Next step cleaning applications