Car Detailing eCourse

We offer a free online learning course for car detailing. Learn the tips, tricks and techniques to make your auto-detailing project a success.
Get maximum benefit from your DIY engine bay degreasing, interior revitalising or exterior surface cleaning.

Our courses are completely self-paced, free educational learning material which allows the learners to refresh their skills and knowledge in car cleaning processes and equipment used in automotive detailing program

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Free eCourse for car cleaning process and cleaning equipment

Why you should take car cleaning e-Course?

Many auto detailers lack the proper training or certifications. Mobile auto detailers who do not possess sufficient knowledge have risk of the likelihood of damaging car surfaces without proper processes in utilising steam vapour as safe cleaning method.

Self-trained detailers and car cleaners with professional car steam cleaning training will give you the confidence you need to take on any interior or exterior cleaning job and produce high standard results that will ensure customer retention or long-lasting quality.

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