Packages for Fixed, Self Serve Car Wash Sites

A self-service car wash package which is designed to be operated by customers in exchange for cash, monetary tokens or electronic payment.

Designed, supplied and configured as permanent installations designed for suburban car wash operators or service stations- these self service car wash machine packages are silent money earners for owners of any type of car cleaning business where people place coins into machines to clean their vehicles.
Simple for the consumer to operate, and offering the means for us to set the price for time parameters according to your needs, these machines will grow your business into a profitable fixed car washing operation.
Our customer-operated steam vapour with vacuum units take credit cards, EFTPOS cards and tokens which can be purchased form an onsite attendant. They also take real notes and coins too!
These are versatile, dual system car cleaning and detailing machines. They offer steam vapour cleaning for a more thorough duco, wheel, chrome and under body clean- as well as a high powered vacuum for professional results when consumers clean their own vehicle interiors.
These machines can be configured to run on your existing onsite system power, or three phase power whether you have that onsite now, or plan to upgrade soon.
If you own and operate a service station, convenience store or multi-site where there is more for consumers to do than simply buy petrol- these machines are the best choice. Our team of specialists can configure the perfect package for you, to maximise your revenue from your business or car washing station.

Fixed Car Wash System

Key benefits and features:

  • Steam vacuum generator: Wet / dry vacuum cleaning
  • Steam temperature: +165oC dry, high temperature steam vapour
  • Boiler: 7,3 kW Stainless Steel
  • Water tank: 20L
  • Maximum output: 6,7 kW
  • Vacuum output: 3 kW
  • Boiler output: 3,6 kW
  • Steam production: 97 g/min or 5,9 kg/h
  • Air flow: 320 m3/h
  • Vacuum drum capacity: 30 L
  • Ideal for: car detailers, and car wash businesses
Star Kit Steam Vacuum Accessories

Star Kit

Microfibres and Wheel Brush Steam Cleaning Tool

Microfibre and Wheel Brush

Mini Mop Tool Equipment

Mini Mop

Aqua Tank

Aqua Tank

Every Package Comes with:

Automotive Cleaning with Steam Vapour Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

Online product course for steam vapour and vacuum machine for commercial car wash

Online Product Course

Car Cleaning Chemical

Car Cleaning Chemical

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