Compact Steam Cleaner Package- Perfect for Mobile Car Cleaning

This pressurised, dry steam vapour cleaning machine is designed for owners of recreational vehicles, watercraft or daily-use cars. It also suits people who travel to sites in order to provide cleaning or detailing services.

This versatile unit that provides pressurised steam vapour to suit the car and automotive cleaning needs of hobbyists, enthusiasts and mobile car cleaning and detailing business operators.
You'll be able to clean your car, work truck, motorbike, watercraft or 4x4. This remarkable, compact unit delivers on all fronts. From start-up to work-ready, is only 4 minutes.
A 3 litre water tank and 1.5 litre boiler keep this unit going all day, without you having to stand around waiting for it to reheat. Delivery pressure is constant, the output steam vapour temperature is set at an optimum +160 degrees Celsius to shift all grease, grime and carbon. It performs equally well on interiors and all exterior surfaces.

This mobile car pressure steam cleaning machine runs at the best temperature to displace undercarriage dirt from a muddy four-wheel-drive trip. It's also ideal for interior cleaning, engine bay degreasing and cleaning as well as mag wheel cleaning and more.

If the going has been especially tough- if you're cleaning surfaces which have been innundated with carbon brake dust or heavy grease- a dash of detergent will make all the difference. The Jetsteam Evo will inject the detergent into the mix- so you get better, more active grease removal and cleaning.

Right now, this tidy little steam cleaner comes with some "must have" extras.

You'll also get a July Steam Tool Kit, Microfibre Poducts to help you clean better, as well as an Online Product Course and step-by-step guide.

Jetsteam Evo Steam Cleaner- perfect for enthusiast and mobile car steam cleaning operators

Key benefits and features:

  • Steam only: Water only or water/detergent models
  • Temperature: +160 degrees dry, high temperature steam vapour
  • Boiler: 1.5L Stainless Steel
  • Water tank: 3L
  • Ideal for: car enthusiast cleaning, small car wash cleaning businesses, mobile car cleaning businesses
July Kit Steam Accessories

July Kit

Microfibres and Wheel Brush

Microfibre and Wheel Brush

Car Detailing Kit

Car Detailing Kit

Aqua Tank Pressure Washer

Aqua Tank


Every Package Comes with:

Includes a copy of the Automotive Cleaning with Steam Vapour guide book

Step-by-Step Guide

Online Product Course for Automotive Cleaning

Online Product Course

Car Cleaning Chemical

Car Cleaning Chemical

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