Jetvac Junior Steam Vacuum Package

A portable wet or dry vacuum machine, using vacuum extraction- suitable for operators of mobile car detailing or cleaning businesses.

This automotive steam vapour cleaning machine has a pair of of car steam vacuum heads suitable for mobile car detailing professionals. It's a steam and vacuum machine- all in one- with an advanced water filter system. Just one inch of water into the base of the unit- and your filter is in place. The water in the base- and not air- is used as the capture for dirt. The Jetvac Junior can be used as a dry vacuum, which then becomes a wet vacuum when the operator switches on steam vapour injection.
In practical applications of car cleaning, the hot water injection can be used to clean floor mats or remove mud and grime from underneath wheel arches.
This unit provides a vacuum extraction which is superior to other upholstery cleaning systems. When you use the Jetvac Junior for cleaning auto interiors, the hot water injection flushes and rinses, for a better, deeper clean and extraction of dirt, as opposed to conventional steam vapour machines.

This package includes a set of professional upholstery cleaning tools, which are perfect for leather, vinyl, carpet and all vehicle interior cleaning requirements. Jetvac Junior high temperature steam vapour automotive cleaning and detailing machine

Key benefits and features:

  • Steam vacuum generator: Wet / dry vacuum cleaning
  • Temperature: +165 degrees dry, high temperature steam vapour
  • Boiler: 1.5L Stainless Steel
  • Water tank: 3L
  • Continuous steam: yes
  • Hot water injection: yes
  • Vacuum/ type: Yes/ Water filtered wet /dry
  • Vacuum drum: 6 Litre
  • Ideal for: car detailers, auto-repair shops, mobile or permanent car wash businesses, car showrooms.
Star Kit

Star Kit

Microfibres and Wheel Brush

Microfibre and Wheel Brush

Car Detailing Kit

Standard Car Detailing Kit

Aqua Tank

Aqua Tank


Every Package Comes with:

guide book

Step-by-Step Guide

Online Product Course

Online Product Course

Car Cleaning Chemical

Car Cleaning Chemical

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