Steam Kit

For our "steam only" machines, you can purchase a Steam Kit which comes with a range of tools and attachments to do further car cleaning applications including steam/clay barring processes, wheel detailing and more.

This Steam Kit works in conjunction with your standard tool kit, which is included with your steam cleaning machine.

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In every Steam Kit receive:

  • Microfibre Cloths (x10):

    These cloths can be used to wipe down surfaces of any left over residue after steaming such as dash boards, side mirrors, door jambs and more.
Microfibre cloths in the steam kit for car cleaning purposes


  • Microfibre Mitts (x2):

    The microfibre mitt is an ideal tool to use when cleaning the exterior of a vehicle. Go across panels with steam and wipe up any left over residue as you move along the panels to achieve a smooth finish.
Automotive microfibre mitts for car detailing


  • Clay Mitts (x2):

    In conjunction with steam, use clay mitts to clay bar the panels of your vehicle to achieve that original shine and luster.
Clay mitts for detail clean panels of vehicles


  • Clay Bars (x2):

    Like the Clay Mitts, use the clay bar to deep clean the panels of your car to remove any contaminants that may not be visible to the eye. The clay bar will act like a seal for your car and prevent further dirt build-up.
clay bars for removal of invisible contaminants and dirt build-up in the car duco
  • Wheel Brush Cleaner (x1):

    Use a wheel brush, in conjunction with steam, to detail wheels and rims by agitating the wheel and disintegrating dirt, grime and brake fluid.
wheel cleaner tool for deep clean dirty car wheels
  • Detail Brush Cleaner (x1):

    This brush can be used like a wheel cleaner if preferred. Extra applications include detailing of door jambs and other hard to reach areas.
Detail brush tool for car wheel detailing
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