Our high temperature, dry steam vapour produces temperatures of +160 degrees Celsius.

The dry element of the vapour allows for fast drying of car upholstery, carpets, and mats.

The high temperature vapour component penetrates deep within the duco surface. Traditional car washing systems glide over a car duco rather than provide a deep clean.

Steam vapour can also get into hard to reach areas, those places you encounter when cleaning or degreasing grimy, oil stained engine bays, trims or detailing. Use high pressure steam vapour to clean under guards, behind panels and areas where grime and dirt accumulate. Do it better and more effectively than before, and save time.

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  • High temperature:

    Our car cleaning equipment produces +160 degrees Celsius dry steam vapour for instant removal of mould, dirt, grime and odours.
Get professional results with car detailing, using steam vapour


  • Dry:

    Interior car cleaning, including upholstery, carpets, and mats are left completely dry within minutes due to low moisture steam vapour.
Dry steam vapour is better- for more effective car cleaning


  • Restore original luster:

    Steam vapour with car cleaning microfibre restores a vehicle's original luster. Ideal for mobile car wash businesses.
Restore original luster in car duco with steam vapour


  • Degrease & Detail:

    Vapour machines and equipment emit powerful steam which gets into vehicle joints, as well as providing better degreasing and detailing of engine bays.
steam vapour degreases, cleans and details a dirty engine bay

KEY TIP : It is high temperature steam vapour that instantly removes all grime and dirt on contact with a surface- and not high pressure!

Our Steam Vapour Technology


How Steam and Vacuum works in Car Cleaning Equipment

The benefits of cleaning with steam and vacuum are numerous such as the following:

  • Steam vacuum cleaner will get into the difficult areas that are impossible to reach, such as crevices, areas beneath the car wheels and duco. A steam cleaner also can clean between consoles, dashes, cup holders, vents, pockets and many more, which a traditional, conventional cleaner like extractor couldn't properly.
  • As steam vapour cleaner contains very fast drying agent with extremely low water content, it will not leave a damp interior soaking wet the same way carpet or conventional extractors does. Steam vapour dries within seconds, thus prevents the interiors of a vehicle from having mould or odours.
  • A steam vapour cleans the hard surfaces with ease, this includes car duco and special coating surfaces due to molecular deep penetrating properties that steam vapour particles possess.
  • A steam vacuum cleaner is safer in leather seat cleaning, as opposed to using harsh chemicals and brushes which would damage the even finer particles of the leather surface pores. With steam vapour, the upholstered seats feels soft and supple after cleaning with dry steam vapour in less effort.
  • With the vacuum unit and injection built in the compact steam cleaner will allow you to steam car carpets and upholstery then immediately vacuum the dirt right out at the same time. This saves time as opposed to using different machines that performs both steam and vacuum separately.
  • Steam vapour is ideal to clean windows to prefection and nice results without worrying about damaging or causing streaks in the porous surfaces of the windows.
  • Our steam cleaners and steam vacuum machines are commercial grade quality so they are built to last withstanding any conditions to handle any heavy detailing use in regular basis.
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